About IONIQ Forest

Which city in the world is most vulnerable to fine dust?

In 2017, Incheon and Seoul have become the cities with

the worst air quality in the world, overtaking Beijing and New Delhi.

Korea's air quality rankings are among the 173th among the 180 OECD countries.


South Korea

has worst air quality among its major cities in the world.

2012, Ministry of Environment


What can we do to solve the problem of fine dust in Korea?

Urban forests can be a key to Improving air quality.

The social benefits provided by

urban forests reached 10,000dollars

Environmental and urban environmental experts say that "urban forests" can be a key to improving air quality. According to the study by University of New York's School of Environmental Science and Forestry and Parthenope University of Naples in Italy, the social benefits provided by urban forests in 10 major cities around the world, such as Beijing, London, and Los Angeles, reached 10,000 dollars. In particular, more than 95 percent of the social benefits (approx. $ 482 million) were social benefits related to air pollutant abatement, especially the reduction of fine dust (PM10) and super fine dust (PM2.5).


Wind protection and shielding effect through forest formation


Improvement of sensory pollution through forest formation


Purifying effect through forest formation

Forest’s shielding effect can reduce 42% of the fine dust flowing into Korea.

Changing the metropolitan landfill into forest can improve atmosphere, odor, and noise pollution of the local community.

Cleaning up and screening fine dust in industrial areas where many factories are located.

A Green Gift

to the Earth


Ioniq forest began with

the hope of reviving

the lost forest with

citizen’s participation.

From 2016, we run together and drive eco-friendly cars to make the Ioniq forest. There were Ioniq customers, college students and volunteers who gathered around to create a green gift to the earth, and this green forest will provide freedom from fine dust. We want to create the forest in the metropolitan landfill area that can absorb fine dust around the city.

In 2016, Ioniq Forest was created with efforts of 14,000 runners running 191,000km for the Ioniq Longest Run and 46,000 runners running 672,000km in 2017. Ioniq customers, volunteers, and the Longest Run runners gathered in the metropolitan landfill to plant the trees twice a year, and they count up to 8,450 trees as of July 2018.