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IONIQ Forest

Director of Strategic Operations Group, HMC,

SangHoon Yoon


I am pleased that Hyundai Motor has been able to add strength to the development of eco-friendly cars without environmental concerns and the recovery of lost forests. I will make more efforts making the world greener with forest and eco-friendly cars in the future.

Deputy General Manager of CSV Strategy Team, HMC, SoonSang Hong


Look forward to seeing various solutions for fine dust problem in cities, e.g. Ioniq Forest, and hope that Hyundai's eco-friendly cars will continue to spread the message of ‘freedom in innovation’ and ‘freedom from fine dust’ in all areas where they are driving.

Participants, Webtoon Artist ‘Keon-di-gi’,

KwonSik Choi with his family, Jeeah and Sooah


I became more aware of the need for environmental protection and efforts as my child was born and felt  the severity of fine dust issue. Now I understand how much necessary and precious the trees and forest are, and why I should take an action to protect the environment. If you could have a chance, I would like to talk about "Dream Park - Ioniq Forest" in my webtoon.

Head of Auditing Division, Sudokwon Landfill Management Corporation, SungChil Kang


I hope the Ioniq Forest to be the beginning of the transformation of the 16 km2 metropolitan area landfill, which is called" Trash Mountain ", as one of the famous global parks.

KBS Weather Caster, SaeRa Lee


As I am in my eighth year of being an weather caster, I can feel the fine dust issues in the weather forecast is gradually increasing. Each of tree we plant will pave a wayto get closer to the world without fine dust.

Participants, GeunRok Lee with his faily

HyunJoo, NaYeon, DoHyun


My whole family participated in the Ioniq Longest Run Campaign. This time, I came here to participate in making forest and wanted to show children how to plant trees and realize the importance of the environment.