After all, we need forests

to think about today

as well as the future


The air purifier is also working by electricity. Currently, most of the electricity is generated by coal-fired power plant. It's polluting the air again to clean the air. Air purifiers do purify the air in a room or limited area for a short time, they are not the ultimate answer for the issue. Forest supplies clean air to our environment and the whole earth if there is soil, sun and water for tress.


Dr. Chan-Yeol Park,

National Institute of Forest Science


Five-year plan for

forest development

When Ioniq Forest is completed, it absorbs about 64,103 kilograms of carbon dioxide annually, which is equivalent to a car driving 395,678 kilometers, and the air purifier for household use operating for 61,124 days. That is, it absorbs about 2.49 million kilograms of fine dust equivalent to the amount of purification when operated for a year.


Hyundai plans to plant 30,000 trees in the Ionic Forest for five years from 2016 to 2021, along with forest specialists, customers of Ioniq products, and Longest Run participants. In addition, a variety of micro dust prevention forest campaigns will be continued to encourage citizen participation using the Internet (IoT) providing information and contents related to fine dust.



Steps to gradually build a forest from the landfill area

Steps to prepare the park construction

Step to complete the park construction by installing the facilities


slope area planting


Landfill site and

park preparation


Completion of forest and

park in 2nd landfill


Hyundai Impact

Hyundai's eco-friendly cars pursue "freedom through innovation."

We want to help you to be free from the issues of air pollution, noise,

and fuel cost, and to live a more free life.


After launching the Ioniq brand,

we completed the IONIQ Tribe campaign to complete

the eco-friendly car lineup and spread the eco-friendly car lifestyle.

We shared the experience of 13,000 actual Ioniq customers,

 the "special new experience of electric car user",

and shared the impact that we enjoyed through innovation.